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How does soothe™ CBD taste?

- Our disposable vaporizers are currently available in Guavaberry (a combination of Guava and Strawberry OG Terpenes) These units will have a sweet taste of totally organic origins. We keep our vaporizer solution simple to keep it a natural and healthy addition to your daily routine. All flavoring is provided through natural oils secreted by the plant.

- Our full-spectrum tincture is available in an all-natural flavor. This means that the only ingredients are CBD mixed with MCT oil (highly filtered coconut oil). Any flavor experienced is through the natural oil coming from the hemp plant, or the MCT oil, which is very light at its strongest.

-Our nano-isolate tincture is available in one flavor, vanilla. Any flavor experienced is provided through all natural sugars, as well as through sugar substitutes that have no effect on blood sugar, listed in the nutrition facts as: stevia, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, natural french vanilla flavor and erythritol.

- Our Gummies are available in a container that is made up of one flavor: Cherry. Any flavoring experience is provided through natural sugars, as well as through sugar substitutes, such as: cane sugar, sorbitol, artificial cherry flavor.

Updated on: 14/06/2019

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